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How Select a Builder

Hi I’m Michael Mcguffie, President of Regal Classic Homes since 1988 and Licensed by the State of Florida since 1980

  Over the years I’ve found:

You can pay people to work for you but you cant pay them enough to give you their heart. They either have that capacity or not. Paying more for their heart only throws good money after bad.
Select a Builder that will put their heart into constructing your dream home.

Hiring a builder is like selecting a spouse.
Why do good marriages and building relationships go bad?
Is it because they are bad people or just a difference in values, communication and problem solving skills?
Select a Builder that mirrors the attributes you admire.

Your Builder is somebody you are going to spend a great deal of time with over the next year or years. Sometimes it takes months to develop building plans, a year to build your home, another year of warranty and more if you need help with a future issue.
Having a good relationship with this person is going to be really important to you.

Your first meetings are like dates. Does your Builder:
Show up on time?
Take detailed notes?
A good communicator?
Follow up afterward with meeting notes?
Do what he says he is going to do?
Helpful or just focused on signing the deal?
Is he patient?
Is he somebody you want to have a relationship with?
Is he married, in a long term relationship or is this his 4 th marriage?

Look carefully at his close building team:
The Interior designer, Architect, Realtor and site superintendent. This is the group you will be spending most of your time with.

Who’s really building your home?
Does your builder construct your home or does he use a site manager. If he does, what is he like? Does he have the same skills you are looking for in a builder?
Is the site manager even licensed?

If your builder is also the same person that will be constructing your home and you like him, that’s a big plus. A streamlined communication channel means a smaller chance of communication breakdowns. He sells you the home, builds it and follows up with warranty service. If somethings not right you know who’s responsible.

It’s all about the relationship!
A period of many years.
Your Builder will want to show your home to potential clients.
You will want your Builders help with future home issues.
Your Builder will want to use you as a satisfied client reference.
It’s about the win, win!

Many clients think the best builder is an x tradesman. I’ve found they don’t have the skills to manage the process successfully.

Building a home is a complicated process.

It’s best to look for an organized, communicator.

A Builder needs a solid team and an organized process.

Stop by one of the builders jobs and speak with the trades on site. The workmen are loose cannons and will tell it like it is! They’ll let you know if the Builder is a jerk, builds a quality home or if he hasn’t been paid in months.

Look for:

An experienced Builder.

State licensed.

Client references.

Member of the Master Custom Builders Association or (MCBC). The top 35 Custom Home Builders in Central Florida.

Supplier and Subcontractor references.


Member of the local homebuilders Association.